Lacquered Paintings - Vietnam Artist Duong Bich Lien

Apart from his mastery of graphite, pastel and oid, another of Duong Bich Lien strengths was his skill with lacquer.

Although as an artistic medium lacquer has certain limitation, namely its restricted range of colours and tones, the artist successfully exploited the advantages that lacquer had over oil and other media: its sereity, its ancient feel, its glorious splendour. His lacquered paintings are a world unto themselves; mysterious, magical and strangely seductive.

Duong bich Lien often left large spaces in his paintings for expanses of grass, flowers, land and sky and perhaps is was in these expanses that one most often found his hidden emotions and thoughts... In paintings such as "Planting Rice", "Abandoned Hut", "Golden Afternoon", "Childhood", "Young Girl & Autumn"... he created a unique golden shade that was all his own - a luxurious, precious, pure and extremely sophisticated shade that was also succulent and sensual.