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Do Xuan Doan

Duong Ngoc Son

Van Tho

Minh Long

Phuong Quoc Tri

Vu Dung

Bui Ngoc Tu

Lam Manh

Nguyen Van Hai

Pham An Hai

Phan Thu Trang

Pham Thai Binh

Dang Can

Xuan Khanh

The Khanh

Le Ngoc Tuong

Phan Linh Bao Hanh

Hoang Hong Cam

Duong Viet Nam

Tran Dinh Khuong

Truong Dinh Hao

Ho Quang

Pham Hoang Anh

Nguyen Thien Duc

Nguyen Minh Son

Dang Ngo

Vu Tuan

Le Tan Loc

Nguyen Quoc Dung

Le Minh Nguyet

Le Xuan Chieu

Tran Chau

Doan Xuan Tang

Tran Van Hai

Ton That Bang

Luong Dung

Hua Thanh Binh

Dang Hong Van

Nguyen Quang Vinh

Lai Thanh Dung

Thieu Cong Binh

Thai Vinh Thanh

Hoang Thanh Vinh Phong

Nguyen Trung Viet

Le Phan Quoc

Duy Dung

Dang Nam

Trong Anh

Do Lenh Hung Tu

Phan Viet Anh

Luong Xuan Nhi

Tran Van Can

Luu Van Sin

Nguyen Do Cung

Nguyen Van Ty

Le Van De

Pham Hau

Ton That Dao

To Ngoc Van

Buu Chi

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Eye is window of spirit , which gives us a view of beauties that are surrounding . Since this idea , Eye Gallery has been founded.

Today, with strong development of Vietnamese Fine Arts , we are proud to be one of the experienced galleries .Our young and talented artists is bringing continuously the unique , distinguish and diversity into our topics, contents and forms of art . While we are on the way of keeping in pace with the global modern art , we are always distinct with national characteristics, which can be seen through the National Art Exhibitions and International Art Exhibitions .

Eye Gallery is honor to present creative moment of our Vietnamese artists. We are looking forward receiving concurrence and supporting in order to help us continue to initiate the art fire , and to fulfill the collections of our beloved customers.
For more information about our new members , paintings or Master Nguyen Gia Tri , Le Van De , Luong Xuan Nhi , Tran Van Can , Ton That Dao , Pham Hau , Nguyen Do Cung , Nguyen Van Ty , Luu Van Sin , Bui Xuan Phai , Duong Bich Lien ...

Please don't hesitate to contact us at eyeartgallery@viettel.vn

Our new members :
                                                               Sculptor Pham Thai Binh                             
                 Artist Xuan Khanh                   Artist Van Tho          Artist Phan Linh Bao Hanh
 Artist Hoang Hong Cam                  Artist Vu Tuan                      Artist Lam Duc Manh
                Artist Minh Long                   Artist Pham An Hai                    Artist The Khanh
                                            Artist Vu Dung                                       Artist Phan Thu Trang
       Artist Duong Ngoc Son                                     Artist Nguyen Thanh Hai
               Artist Dang Can                       Artist Dang Ngo                   Artist Duong Viet Nam
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Untitled Document

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