Painting name:
Red Bull (#870)
Ha Tri Hieu
Oil on canvas
Mixed Cold
30cm x 40cm
US$ 1,000.0 (Sold)
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Red Bull

Ha Tri Hieu

Code 870
Oil on canvas
30cm x 40cm
Self Portrait 2

Ha Tri Hieu

Code 869
Oil on canvas
30cm x 40cm
Self Portrait

Ha Tri Hieu

Code 868
Oil on canvas
50cm x 40cm
Self Portrait 3

Ha Tri Hieu

Code 867
Oil on canvas
30cm x 40cm

Ha Tri Hieu is one of the founding fathers of Vietnamese contemporary art. He is a member of Hanoi’s ‘Gang of Five’, the first group of young artists to gain international renown after Vietnam opened up in the late1980s. The subject of much of Ha Tri Hieu’s poetic, expressionist work is the beauty and simplicity of rural life in Vietnam. Born in the capital Hanoi in 1959, Hieu was deeply influenced by the years he spent as a child in the countryside where his family sought refuge during the Vietnam War. Recurring images of water buffalos and stone temple dogs evoke feelings of nostalgia and the innocence of childhood. What makes Hieu’s oil paintings unique is the symbiosis between romantic and expressionistic elements, between naïve forms and impetuously chosen colors, combined with a refined understanding of the subtleness of light. Ha Trieu has had exhibitions in Vietnam, the United States, Japan, England, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Argentina, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan.


1959  Born in Hanoi.

1983 Graduated from the Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts College

Member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association

Member of the “Gang of Five ”

Solo Exhibitions :

2012 Flower - Eight Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2008 My Way, Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

1998 Solo exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam

1996 Solo Exhibition in Hanoi

Group Exhibitions :

Vietnam Now, Exchange Square, Hongkong Land, Hong Kong 2012

SoSaBeol international art expo, Korea 2007

15 TRACKS : Contemporary Southeast Asian Art traveling exhibition 2003

Singapore Art Museum, The Japan Foundation, Tama Art University Museum and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, (ASEAN-COCI) 2003 -2004

Group exhibition at Red River Gallery Hanoi, Vietnam 2001

Exhibition "Vietnamese identity" Melbourne, Australia 2001

Group exhibition at Red River Gallery Hanoi, Vietnam 2000

Exhibition "Vietnamese identity" Melbourne, Australia 2000Group exhibition Buenos Aires, Argentina 1999

Norway Touring Exhibition "Vietnam Express" Norway 1998

Group exhibition Dong Son Gallery Hanoi 1998

"Vietnam in the 20th century"(European Union) Brussels Belgium 1998

Group shows Gallery 19 Hanoi, Vietnam 1997

“Vietnamese Fine Arts after Doi Moi” Fujita Vente Museum Tokyo Japan 1997

Group exhibition The Hague, the Netherlands 1997

Exhibition “A Winding River - The Journey of Contemporary Art in Vietnam” Meridian 1997

International Center, Washington D.C. USA 1997

"Exhibition of two "(with Phan Cam Thuong) Gallery La Vong ,Hong Kong 1997

"A New Morning" Hanoi Vietnam 1997

“The Gang of Five “ exhibition Galerie La Vong Hong Kong 1996

Group shows Cicada Gallery of Fine Arts Singapore 1996

"New Vietnamese painting" Contemporary Arts Exhibition Thailand 1996

6 Vietnamese artists Yokohama Gallery, Yokohama Japan 1995

"Contemporary Vietnamese Fine Art” Itoyama Gallery Tokyo Japan 1995

1994 “The Gang of Five “ exhibition Turtle Key Gallery London England

1993 “ The Gang of Five “ exhibition Hanoi Vietnam

1991 ‘The Gang of Five “ exhibition Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

1990 “ The Gang of Five “ exhibition Hanoi Vietnam


National Museum of Malaysia

National Museum of Singapore

Ha Tri Hieu - Vietnamese artist