Painting name:
Whisper (#937)
Le Anh Can
Acrylic on canvas
Mixed Warm
120cm x 100cm
US$ 900.0 (Sold)
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Gold Lotus

Le Anh Can

Code 944
Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 130cm
US$ 800.0
Lotus Season 2 , Le Anh Can

Le Anh Can

Code 936
Acrylic on canvas
120cm x 100cm
US$ 900.0
Lotus , Le Anh Can

Le Anh Can

Code 935
Acrylic on canvas
130cm x 80cm
US$ 800.0
Colour of Life , Le Anh Can

Le Anh Can

Code 938
Acrylic on canvas
100cm x 80cm
Whisper , Le Anh Can

Le Anh Can

Code 937
Acrylic on canvas
120cm x 100cm

Born in 1985, Le Anh Can soon has the paintings were appreciated. In 2003, jumps to 18 years old, he has participated in exhibitions of Hue University of Fine Arts as a painter. He regulars work to attend exhibitions with different scales in all regions of the country. Not only that, his name and his works also regularly present in the list of projects related to art by young artists who initiated and implemented. In Le Anh Can projects that just join, highlight the performance art project called Sneaky Week was held in Hanoi, Hue, Vietnam in 2007. Sponsored by the fund and support development projects - Asia program at the Singapore Art, Sneaky Week as the young artist Le Anh Can is necessary to reflect the true wishes best, most natural contemporary art to the public, to receive feedback from the public, endless inspiration of art. With passion in art, Le Anh Can has been selected as one of 10 young artists receiving funding Australia's Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City for the operation of their creation, and whose works on display at an exhibition of paintings of young people in Melbourne (Australia) in 2008.   Le Anh Can is young coming up artist not only with landscape about his country, he also sends his thoughts with romantic color tone in purple in sunset, yellow of sunrise and blue of raining days. The beautiful rivers and peaceful houses were found regulars in his works. Just simple and meaningful. Numerous of his works are collected by art lovers in and out country.

Born in 1985 in Quang Binh province

Graduated from Hue Fine Art College in 2008


2005 Student exhibition by Hue fine art college

2006 Group exhibition installation Viet Nam -Thailand in Hue

2007 Group exhibition young artist in Ha Noi – Viet Nam.

2008 Group exhibition young artist Viet Nam in Melbourne- Australia

2008 Exhibition project performance art “one week sneaky” in L’Espace- Ha Noi.

2010 Group exhibition in Singapore

2011 Participation at the art Auction of operation smile in HCM.

2012 Exhibition “4 season ” at Tu Do gallery HCM.

2012 Participation at the art Auction of operation smile in HCM.

2013 Exhibition at Catus gallery HCM

2013 Group exhibition ” Life, Colours anh purity” in Singapore

2015 Participation at the ” Art for Heart” Charity of Heart Beat Viet Nam in HCMC.

2015 Exhibition affordable art fair in Hong Kong.

2015 Exhibition “Heritage” in Singapore. 


2008 Top ten of Hochiminh City’s artists was granted sponsor by Australian Consulate in Hochiminh City